Welcomes to hajiali Juice Center

An extra ordinary Tradition

At the Haji Ali Juice Centre the philosophy is simple: treat guests like family, serve great food, and always exceed expectations. This philosophy was born in the 1960s, when Mr.Fareed Noorani opened the Haji Ali Juice Centre overlooking the serene shrine of Haji Ali along the Arabian Sea. The commitment to quality, satisfaction and hospitality was shared with every customer who came to the establishment and today what began as humble juice centre to weary pilgrims has transformed itself to a food-lover's paradise in Mumbai.

The Haji Ali Juice Centre has developed its unique menu infusing old classics with a modern twist. It has been attracting a steady flow of patrons from all over the city and beyond leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of Mumbai. Whether its cold or hot treats, dine-in or take-away, a quick bite or a hearty meal, this is the go-to place in the city. Today this legacy is being carried forward by the Noorani sisters and the Haji Ali Juice Centre continues to be the one-stop point for great food, thanks to the exceptional standard of hospitality started by their father.

Culinary Landmark

The Haji Ali Juice Centre has become an icon in the city's gastronomic scene in both space and time. Located in the heart of downtown Mumbai it is easily accessible, providing a beautiful view of the city-skyline while enjoying the sea-breeze. It is a place to not only enjoy an excellent meal but also catch up with old friends, meet new ones, close business deals, and celebrate family milestones. With its exceptional menu, distinguished quality, and upbeat service, the Haji Ali Juice Centre has become an institution for both its famous and not-so-famous patrons who have been religiously frequenting the establishment for the last half century.

For every palate

Keeping with its name, the Haji Ali Juice Centre has been producing some of the most amazing fresh juices and creams in the city. From rare and exotic international flavours to downright desi classics; it has perfected the art of making lip-smacking drinks. Besides it also serves delicious food, catering to every taste bud. The establishment has pioneered in creating a number of fusion dishes both original and innovative, leaving no culinary preference untouched. The Jain Pizza, Mozzarella-Schezwan Roll and the Mushroom Grill Club Sandwich are just some of the variety of finger-licking fusions on the menu. Open from morning top late in the night, all days of the week, the Haji Ali Juice centre serving up mouth-watering treats for hungry souls, be it day or night.

Party-goers Pit-stop

In the Maximum City the night life thrives on the street. Night revellers, party-animals and workaholics swarm the place for strategic location, relaxed ambience and excellent service. It is the only street food establishment that accepts credit and debit cards. Whether it's a hard day working or partying, the Haji Ali Juice Centre is the only place where you can sit in your car by the sea and enjoy scrumptious hot food and gratifying juices and shakes even at 1am in the morning.

Responsibility, the cornerstone of hospitality

Giving back to society is a big part of the Haji Ali Juice Centre's philosophy. Though in his ripe old age, Mr.Fareed Noorani has dedicated himself to making sure that his philosophy is realized. He believes that just as one is hospitable in the restaurant one must be responsible to the society. The Haji Ali Juice Centre has been steadfastly supporting various local and national non-profit organizations that address issues of economic empowerment and social welfare. Thus, the Haji Ali Juice Centre doesn’t just provide nourishment for the body but also food for the soul.